Here are some useful tips, which you should consider before packing your belongings:

Talking so much about how to hire best packers and movers, find best movers in your city, now its time to talk about what things you should not pack, during your relocation. After seeing all your items, you need to figure out which item you should pack and which item you should not pack!

Approximately 60% people pack their belongings themselves and rely on the packing and moving company for their shifting process. Even, some people completely rely on packers and movers for all of their tasks related with relocation. Well, in this case if you will completely rely on professionals for the packing process, they will carefully execute their task. However, regarding this you have to decide that what items they need to pack and what items they do not need to pack.

Here are some useful tips, which you should consider before packing your belongings:

Do not pack your important documents during relocation:

All you business documents, important papers, files, essential handy things should not be packed, while you are moving to the other location. Since, any loss of such important documents can lead to massive losses. These losses can be experienced in case of any accident while moving or packing. Below we have given the list of such documents, files, papers or handy stuffs:

  • Business files
  • Office documents
  • Academic documents
  • Certificate File
  • Address Books
  • Bank Documents - Passbooks, cheque books, bank papers
  • Medical Documents - receipts, reports, prescriptions
  • Tickets or Traveling Tickets

Search for the Company which offers flexible payment terms

Here flexible is simply associated with the flexible nature of payment terms that a packing and moving company offers. The company should accept payment from its customers by any aspect like cheque, cash, card etc. The company would not insist for 50% advance after the confirmation. Well, it is a fact, that different packing and moving companies enclose different payment terms, but you should consider those companies which are flexible in terms of payment. What if you pay the 50% advance and they do not complete their tasks on scheduled time. Thus, flexible payment terms would help you effectively when you are relocating.

Do not pack your pets or living things while relocation

Your lovable pets, plants should not be packed, when you are heading towards the new location. The professional packers and movers decline for this step at very moment, if they get to know about this. But there can be an exception. Moreover, the idea of packing your pets and plants is not at all good, as it can cause harm and suffocation to your adorable pets. You can carry your pets and plants along with you during your move to another destination.

Do not pack precious things or memories during relocation

Your precious things such as jewelry, expensive items, etc. should not be packed with other things while you are moving to another city. Since, in the case of an accident you might experience heavy loss of such costly and precious things. Alongside, your unforgettable memories which are wrapped in some photo albums, camera or memorable articles should also not be packed. All of these things are required to go along with you during your relocation.

Do not pack hazardous items during relocation

You should not pack those items that might ignite and become the cause for accidents during your move to new location. These things can lead to explosion which results in heavy losses as well as loss of life. Here we have given a list of these kind of things:

  • Chemicals such as oil, kerosene etc.
  • Drums of cooking gas such as LPG cylinders
  • Any liquid, as leakage can cause damage of other goods